Originally illustrated for a children's charity event, this is a set of illustrations meant to be placed side by side.
In each piece, they are guided or guarded by an animal that fosters certain virtues and values that children need to become gracious adults.
"A Place to Hide"
Children are fragile and require and nurturing environments where they feel safe and understood. When children are cautiously cared for, that they grow up to be compassionate individuals.
"A Pond to Ponder"
Above academic knowledge, our young have to be patiently guided to respect others and be reflective of their own mistakes. With that, humbleness will spread and create a more peaceful world.
"A Sea to Roam"
The world is full of wonders big and small. Children are naturally curious but may feel scared by what is new to them. Sometimes, they need a little push to gather up a bit of confidence to explore the world a little more bravely.
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