Commission Status: Open
General Info
Prices are in USD. Payment through PayPal Only.
50% Deposit or full upfront payment depending on commission type.
Personal Use Only. Contact me if you want to use it for business.
I will draw: Fictional characters, OCs, real-life individuals, fantasy races, animals
I will NOT draw: Anything disrespectful to any group of individuals.

Please read my full Terms of Service before you make your order.
By commissioning me, you would be considered to have read, understood, and agreed to my Terms of Service.
Standard/Standard Blindbox Samples:
Doodle Blindbox Samples:
Please pick Style A if you prefer a more anime look
Please pick Style B if you prefer more realistic features/proportions
Commission Types
I have 3 main types of Commissions:
, Standard Blindbox & Doodle Blindbox
Standard Commission:
You will get up to 3 rough sketches to approve the pose and composition of the rough sketch before committing and paying a deposit. After that, you are allowed 3 rounds of minor edits(colour, expression, small elements). Remaining cost is paid before receiving the final artwork.
Standard Blindbox Commission:
Normal art style. No edits allowed. I have full artistic freedom and will only deliver one completed artwork. Full payment upfront.
Doodle Blindbox Commission:
Messier art style. No edits allowed. I have full artistic freedom and will only deliver one completed artwork. Full payment upfront.
Standard Commission Base Price per Character:
Headshot: 80+ USD
Bustshot: 100+ USD
Waist-Up: 120+ USD
Hip-Up: 140+ USD
Thigh-Up: 160+ USD
Fullbody: 180+ USD
Doodle Blindbox Base Price per Character:
Headshot: 20+ USD
Halfbody: 35+ USD
Fullbody: 50+ USD
Chibi: 35+ USD
Standard Blindbox Base Price per Character:
Headshot: 40+ USD
Halfbody: 60+ USD
Fullbody: 80+ USD
Chibi: 60+ USD
How to Order
Please use the contact form below to send your queries or request.
Alternatively, you can drop me a DM on IG, or email me directly(just pop "juryzhuli" in front of the usual gmail dot cometh).

For fictional characters, please provide character reference sheets or ready-drawn artwork. If you don't have those, you can also consider making a character idea board. Insufficient reference will result in extra costs.

For real-life persons, please provide photos that show the subject(s)' face clearly and have neutral lighting so I can see more accurate colors.
Please send me your references through link(s) to reputable webpage(s) or google documents/slides. If you're sending direct emails, you can attach common images files(eg. jpg, png). Please note that links or attachments that appear unsafe might be rejected.

For standard commissions: When your order is accepted, I will send you a rough sketch to show you the composition plan. If you like it, and want to proceed, I will send you further instructions for payment. 
For blindbox commissions: When your order is accepted, I will request you for full upfront payment.
If I am not comfortable with the subject matter, or for any other reason, I reserve the right to decline your commission request.
Commission Request/Inquiry Form
Thank you for your message!I will respond to you as soon as I can
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